A picture of an orange fire in the middle of a square.
A fireplace with glass in it and the door open.

Adding that Ultimate Wow Factor to Your Fireplace

Fire glass is made up of small pebble-like pieces of glass that are specially treated to withstand very high temperatures. They are perfect for fireplaces and fire pits, both in residential and commercial settings and serve as an effective alternative to ceramic gas log sets. The interesting part is that these tiny crystals come in direct contact with the gas jet in your fireplace and still don’t melt!

Functionality & Aesthetics

Fire glass improves the overall aesthetics and functionality of your fireplace, enabling you to add that ultimate wow factor without spending truckloads of money. They are a decorative way to cover up your gas jet while creating colors and patterns to light up your home ambiance. On the other hand, these pebbles and crystals also improve heat radiation, keeping you warmer and more comfortable on colder nights.

A fireplace with fire in it and some lights
A fire place with white rocks and flames.

Sales & Installation

Here at Kevin’s Fireplace & Patio Services, we specialize in the sales and installation of all types of glass kits for fireplaces or fire pits. You can choose from ceramic shapes, balls, and diamond-shaped glass depending on your home décor and lighting needs. We guarantee a customized and hassle-free installation experience every time you choose us for your needs.