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Gas Fireplace Restoration in Denver, CO

Whether your primary residence is in Denver, CO, or you operate a ski cabin in the area, you likely know the value of a good gas fireplace in this area in the winter. A gas fireplace gives a cozy ambiance and radiant warmth that central heating simply can’t beat while also requiring less work on your part than a wood-burning fireplace. However, gas fireplaces present all of the dangers of fireplaces along with those of gas heating.

If you suspect problems, contact Kevin’s Fireplace & Patio Services for expert gas fireplace repair.

Signs of Gas Fireplace Problems

You should trust our team to perform regular inspections on your gas fireplace, but in the meantime, you should also be aware of the signs of a problem. The following can indicate that you should shut off your gas fireplace and seek expert repairs immediately:

  • Breathing difficulties, dizziness, headache, or fainting
  • Diminished heat
  • Excess soot
  • Failure to ignite
  • Rotten-egg and other strange smells
  • Sudden loss of flame
  • Unusual noises
  • Visible cracks in the interior or exterior
  • Yellow pilot light

All of these things indicate a serious problem with your gas fireplace, all of which can be dangerous if left unaddressed. Broken gas fireplaces can explode, cause fires, or cause carbon monoxide poisoning, all of which can quickly turn fatal.

Perhaps your gas fireplace works just fine but looks like an eyesore. Whether the years have left your fireplace looking tarnished from years of use or it doesn’t fit your current interior décor, Kevin’s Fireplace & Patio Services can handle your gas fireplace restoration or refurbishment. Whether you want to replace the doors, add fire glass, or remove gas logs, we’ll help you create the look you want for your gas fireplace.

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